Gilas at the 2014 World Cup: Glorifying Losers

So, the stint of the Gilas Philippine Men’s National Basketball team at the 2014 FIBA World Cup is now over, and what was the team’s win-loss record in that tournament? 1 Win, 4 Losses.

However, the way the media and the Basketball Fanboys have been HYPING up the team’s mediocre results, you’d think the team had ended up winning the World Cup. For example, when the team lost their first four games, the focus was, How Close the Games Were, or Gabe Norwood’s Dunk on Scola, or How Junemar Fajardo Was Ranked as the Tournament’s Most Efficient Players.

When the team finally won its last game, then the accolades came in, with Gilas Fanboy Magoo Marjon even getting choked up on TV holding back tears in his voice, LOL. Witness these following retarded headlines:

Ow, really? 4 LOSSES and only 1 win will do that, they made a name for themselves and “introduced” Philippine Basketball to the world? What kind of DELUSION is this? Here are another bunch of stupid headlines:

All for a team with a LOSING record. Unbelievable.

‘Mass Hysteria, Feudal Manipulation’
Its hard to explain this DESPERATION among Filipinos to constantly FOCUS on ANYTHING else EXCEPT reality when it comes to Basketball. If the team had lost all of it games, the focus would’ve been on Chot Reyes and that he was a bad Coach, and never because Filipinos are too short for the sport. But since the team won ONE game, then they all collectively bask on the delusion of that one win while completely ignoring the previous FOUR LOSSES.

I think this is nothing more than a form of MASS HYSTERIA, just like those students you see every now and then in the Philippines claiming that they had all been possessed by the Devil at the same school at the same time.

More ominous is the fact that the Feudal families that control Philippine society probably had too much invested in Basketball so that they are DESPERATE to keep it smelling like flowers all the time, and AT ALL COSTS. Also, maybe too many people just have their livelihood dependent on the local Basketball industry, like the TV5 employees, for example, who would’ve seen their station go bankrupt without the PBA.

‘Parting Shot’
After coming up with a LOSING record, news reports point out that the Gilas players were supposedly up for huge bonuses after winning only 1 game. In the meantime, Philippine National Dragon Boat WINS FIVE (5) GOLD MEDALS in the 2014 ICF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, and what do they get? No huge bonuses, and only a few articles in newspapers that lasted only a day.

Meanwhile, a couple of days after the Gilas’ stint at the World Cup, the fawning articles for the losing team still keeps coming. Anyway, let me just leave everybody with this meme:

6 thoughts on “Gilas at the 2014 World Cup: Glorifying Losers

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    Sa guni-guni ni dougstiles, nananalo daw siya sa deba-te … LOL. O, hanggang BASURA lang ang mga deba-te mo, dougstiles … LMAO.


  4. crazycousin377 says:

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    At ano yan, me bagong e-mail address ka na naman? Another e-mail address to be labeled as SPAM? Baka maubusan ka ng e-mail address diyan at lahat iyan i le label kong spam … LOL.


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    Naku, gagawa na iyan ng maraming alternicks para sabihing me mga kakampi siya … LOL.


  6. 1-4 losing record sobra na ang hype ng media. masyado talaga binobola ang mga pinoy.


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